This complaints procedure applies to all work undertaken by the Bingh Advocaten partnership in Amsterdam (“Bingh Advocaten”), Chamber of Commerce file reference no. 34366366, for and/or for the benefit of its clients (the “client” or “clients”) and to additional instructions and follow-up instructions.

If you, our client, are unhappy with the services provided by our firm or by one of our lawyers (or someone else working under our responsibility), please notify us verbally or in writing by contacting our complaints officer, lawyer and partner Ms S. van Waegeningh ( In the absence of mr. S. van Waegeningh, lawyer and partner Mr L. Bakers ( acts as deputy complaints officer.

Complaints are processed as follows:

  1. The lawyer who the complaint relates to is notified of the complaint as soon as possible.
  2. The complaints officer processes the complaint. The complaints officer then – by telephone or in writing – contacts the client who submitted the complaint and the lawyer who is the subject of the complaint, with the request to both to (further) explain the complaint.
  3. After analysing the information and explanation, the complaints officer will – within one month of receiving the complaint – notify the client and the lawyer who is the subject of the complaint in writing, stating the reasons, of the decision on the validity of the complaint, along with recommendations or otherwise.
  4. If the term referred to under 3 is deviated from, the complaints officer will notify the client and the lawyer who is the subject of the complaint accordingly, stating the reason and the term within which a decision will be made about the complaint.
  5. Complaints are processed free of charge.