Saar van Waegeningh

Saar began practising law in 1997. Saar started her career at the office of the State Attorney (Pels Rijcken) and founded BINGH Advocaten in 2009 together with Lars Bakers. Saar specialises in Employment Law, both in the private and public sector. She has extensive experience in issues relating to employment law, ranging from individual dismissal cases to major reorganisations and co-determination processes. Saar often represents either side in disputes between legal entities and their directors. Saar also represents persons and organisations in (integrity). In addition to her work in employment law and public service law, Saar works on projects that are governed by subsidy regulations. She acts for various institutions that are confronted with issues and/or problems in securing subsidies. Her multifaceted practice involves providing legal advice, negotiating and litigating.

Saar’s strength lies particularly in switching strategically in complex conflicts involving multiple parties with divergent interests. Saar quickly sees through the heart of the matter and communicates sensitively and purposefully.

Areas of expertise

  • Complex individual dismissal processes
  • Reorganisations and collective redundancy
  • Legal status of director under the Articles of Association
  • Co-determination processes
  • Transfer of company
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (CAO) related issues
  • Intersection Private- / Public law (PSA; Public Servants Act)
  • Subsidies

Degree programmes

  • 2006: Grotius Academy, specialist course in Employment law (with distinction)
  • 1996: Leiden University, civil and criminal law

Memberships and other activities

  • Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN)
  • Employment Law Association (VvA)
  • Employment Lawyers Association Amsterdam (VAAA)
  • European Employment Law Association (EELA)
  • Lecturer, Post-academic Studies in Employment Law (PALA)
  • Lecturer in Employment Law; Social Law Course (OSR), assisting lawyers and other jurists
  • Legislative Advisory Committee on Employment Law (Dutch Bar Association)
  • Editorial board member Jurisprudentie Arbeidsrecht (JAR)


  • Dutch
  • English

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